• Patrick McBride

Year 10 Baking Contest

Some fantastic examples of skill and talent in the John Paull ll kitchen.

John Paul ll students all smiles

This week the Year 10 students at John Paul ll took part in a Cake-Bake Off showing off their skills and creativity along the way.

After careful planning, the young chefs rolled up their sleeves, put on their aprons, and worked solidly for two and a half hours. The result was an amazing selection of masterpieces ranging from luscious layers to novelty cakes, all beautifully presented.

The fun continued long after the chefs had gone with a team of five intrepid teachers sampling (and sometimes resampling!) 18 different cakes. For the judges, It took longer than you might think to taste their way to a mutual decision.

A big congratulations to all participants on a fantastic job!

Photos and story supplied by the school. If you would like to share your schools stories please email editor@mcbridevision.net