• Patrick McBride

Wilderness working bee

The Guardians of Paroa Taramakau Coastal Area Trust members had a productive working bee last Saturday on the West Coast Wilderness Trail.

Karl Tolley and Fran Cohen weeding and planting

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The West Coast Wilderness Trail provides a unique immersion into nature and people of the West Coast. Riders and walkers are treated to outstanding landscape through dense rainforest, past glacial rivers, lakes and through wetlands.

The Guardians of Paroa Taramakau Coastal Area Trust take great pride in caring for sections of the track South of Greymouth.

Fresh planting, hand weeding, and weedeating in the area surrounding the Rotary Information

Kiosk on the verges of the trail were undertaken over the weekend.

Over seventy seedlings were planted including Kowhai, Whiteywood, Five Finger, Coprosma varieties, Cabbage Trees, Hebes, and New Zealand Tree Fuchsia. The areas for planting had heavy stands of gorse and other weeds previously cleared by Fran and Kevin Cohen and Sharon Haarsma.

Many of the plants came from small seedlings eco-sourced in the area by members or donated by local community members or 'Trees that Count' donors and then on grown by Trust members.

Trust member, Trish Creagh, said the present project has been supported by a Department of

Conservation Community Fund Grant. She said the Trust had also had support from the local Rotary organisation which donated and planted 56 kowhai trees over the past two years.

"it was great to have new volunteers on Saturday which was a huge help. The work is ongoing so anyone wishing to join the Trust or willing to assist with working bees, please get in contact," Creagh said.

The Trust was established in 2004 and is also involved in predator control and penguin protection with nesting boxes and predator traps at Paroa and Camerons beaches which are monitored by Bill Johnson and Melissa Lohr.

The Guardians of Paroa Taramakau Coastal Area Trust of can be contacted via their facebook page by (CLICKING HERE)

Kevin Cohen in action.