• Patrick McBride

What's the Occasion

Local Donuts in demand

Sissy Flaherty in action this morning

PHOTO: Patrick McBride

Sissy Flaherty and Tayla McMaster from 'What's The Occasion' have continued with their strong online presence post Covid. The pair known as the local 'Donut Girls' would normally be seen at events around the district showcasing their popular treats.

Many gatherings have either been postponed or cancelled and they are finding the move online has been a positive one to help supplement business.

"Each week we will be coming up with new flavors that can be pre ordered and pre paid for online, it's quite a simple process" Flaherty said.

This weeks flavour prepared for delivery from the Regent Greymouth kitchen was Raspberry & White chocolate cheese cake.

Those looking to indulge can visit their online shop (HERE)