• Patrick McBride

Westland High Embraces LGBTQ Pride Month

Pride Month marks the 50th anniversary of the first pride march that for many comes as a welcome shift from the status quo.

PHOTO: McBride Vision files

Pride Month has become a massive event around the world and Saturday marks the first-ever Global Pride, which was organized after festival leaders around the world came to terms that parades would not be possible.

Over 91 countries will take part over the course of a nonstop 24-hour program, every continent is taking part including Antarctica.

Locally Westland High is doing their part, holding a mufti day next Tuesday.

"Whanaungatanga and Manaakitanga are two of our core school values, and they are all about including, and caring about people," the school said.

Students are encouraged to show their support for inclusion and caring about people and their identities by wearing mufti on Tuesday. Bright colours, flags and face painting will be popular choices for students.

For those wanting to tune into Global Pride tomorrow you can click (HERE)