• Patrick McBride

West Coast on Display in Sydney's Daily Telegraph

West Coaster Colin Menzies got a nice surprise picking up the Daily Telegraph in Sydney this morning, greeted with the mighty sight of Fox Glacier on the front page.

Tourism New Zealand this week released a world-first in gaming with PLAY NZ hitting the market. They are enticing Australians and the world to explore some of New Zealand's top attractions in a virtual world.

The game is available on Twitch, an online interactive streaming service.

The idea behind the launch is to attract travelers to the country once the restrictions at the border are lifted.

Menzies said there is still plenty of talk about a tranz-Tasman travel bubble in NSW.

"There is actually quite a bit of talk, in today's papers there is two campaigns featuring the West Coast. They are targeting the Australian millennial's. Businesses on the Coast could see an influx of young Aussies when the borders open up and start planning now for when they arrive."

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