• Patrick McBride

WC Basketball Association's Warning to 'A Grade Men'

Senior Men's A Grade teams are once again in the spotlight for their court behaviour.

The WCBA committee delivered the message to teams last week and this afternoon made the documents public.

The documents stated that the Men's A Grade are once again showing a disappointing level of disrespect and are abusive towards referees.

"We are trying to develop young referees and the present team culture among senior men's players is harmful and dissuades young referees from continuing. They are going away feeling bad and emotionally abused. Senior players are setting a poor example for junior players who are watching or doing bench duty and for spectators. This is unacceptable," A spokesperson said.

It is understood some referees are no longer wanting to put themselves on court and the association has taken advice from Basketball New Zealand to implement disciplinary penalties against offenders.

Senior West Coast and National Referee Wayne Russell said that the West Coast Basketball Association has a duty of care.

"We have to support and protect all Referee’s (be they Senior, Junior or Player Referee’s) from this sort of behaviour in an already tough environment. The association has sadly had to take significant action to stop this now."