• Patrick McBride

Waiuta recognised as a Tohu Whenua

Waiuta, officially recognised as a Tohu Whenua today. This marks it as one of the nation's most treasured heritage places.

Waiuta was chosen to be a Tohu Whenua because it was once the third biggest goldmine in New Zealand and the largest producer of gold on the West Coast, making it an industrial gold mining site of national significance. Waiuta’s mines produced nearly 750,000 ounces of gold, worth $1.6 billion in today's currency.

Often referred to as the West Coast's best ghost town, several historic buildings and impressive mining relics remain to tell the stories of the 600 people who once lived and worked there. Walking tracks and world-class interpretation ensure a great visitor experience.

Tohu Whenua are places that have shaped Aotearoa New Zealand. Located in stunning landscapes and rich with stories, they offer some of our best heritage experiences.

For more information visit www.tohuwhenua.nz

Editorial: Tohu Whenua

PHOTO: Claudia Babirat