• Patrick McBride

Video Footage Of Troubled Boat

The Glomfjord sits anchored North of Greymouth as attempts to free netting continue.

The boat got into trouble when it's gear got caught up in the propellers and steering rudder early Friday Morning fishing in the Hoki Trench.

The vessel continued to drift South-West where the Moon Shadow 2 arrived at 2100 to rescue and tow back to Greymouth. At midday Saturday Coast Guard dropped divers to look at the damage and the tow resumed.

There was a small window of opportunity to bring the boat over the bar yesterday at high tide but due to the size of the vessel it was decided to round up some anchoring gear from local fishing boats and work to free the netting.

The netting is expected to be freed later this afternoon.

The Glomfjord is registered to Napier.