• Patrick McBride

Update on Public Health Response

The government are taking a rapid response to break the chain of transmission through contact tracing, testing and gathering of information.

The family who tested positive to Covid-19 are still in strict self-isolation at home and the ministry are working with them on whether all or some of them might go into a quarantine facility in Auckland. Following further interviews with the people who have tested positive, it has been revealed that one of the cases, a woman in her 20s, travelled to Rotorua on Saturday whilst she was symptomatic. ​

They are working with urgency to find out what places this woman might have visited in Rotorua over the weekend. People in Rotorua and around the country should be vigilant and seek advice if they have any symptoms. There are currently testing sites in Rotorua and in Taupo. In Rotorua the testing site is on Vaughn Road. ​

There will be an additional pop up testing centre opening tomorrow and that site will be announced for locals.​

None of the active cases requires hospital-level care. ​

They are working hard to put the pieces of the puzzle to find out how this family got infected. ​

Work is progressing to follow their movements and contact trace anyone who may have had contact with the family who has tested positive.

None of the workplaces where there is a risk are public- facing and all appropriate health actions are being taken. All the staff in the first case’s workplaces are considered close contacts. That’s a total of 130 people. ​

The person only has close contact in a small team but this is being treating everyone as close contacts. It has been shut down and everyone is being tested. There are 3 of the husband’s colleagues who are being tested and isolated. Their households are also in isolation. That workplace is in 4 sites around Auckland, with a total of about 160 staff. They are all shut down now and everyone is being followed up and tested. ​

The government are prepared to test thousands of people in the coming days. Staff from DHBS are being redeployed to testing centres both in the community and to do testing in Managed Isolation and Quarantine facilities.​

There is stock of more than 270,000 tests available across the country with more stock coming in at all times. They can process more than 12,000 tests per day and we are looking to increase this over the next few days. ​


It is asked that if you have any symptoms or if it is recommended that you get tested, please get tested.​

If you have no symptoms, if you don’t work at the border or MIQ and you’re feeling well, then please comply with the level restrictions​

Aged care​

From midday today, all aged care facilities throughout New Zealand will close their doors to everyone but staff and essential deliveries from noon today​

Ministry are working with the sector to ensure that staff don’t work across multiple sites and facilities ​

They realise how difficult this will be for those who have loved ones living in these facilities, but situations overseas have taught us that this is the safest approach at this stage. ​

Details around alert levels are available on the website covid19.govt.nz. Countdown and Foodstuffs have a supply of masks for sale. ​

There are 5 million masks in the central supply to support distribution in areas where they are needed. ​

You can fashion your own face covering if needed.​

There is mandated mask use in one environment at this stage - that is for flights leaving Auckland. Air NZ will be providing these on departures. You are able to depart Auckland if you are going to your place of residence.​

The Prime Minister and the Director-General will have another media conference at 4pm today.