• Patrick McBride

UBI - Free Money Scheme on the cards?

-Universal Basic Income is gaining attention post-Covid.

-Finance Minister Grant Robertson says it could be on the table.

Basic income, also called universal basic income (UBI) OR citizen's income is a governmental public program which can be implemented nationally or regionally.

McBride Vision contacted Money Free

Party NZ for thoughts on the hot topic.

Richard Osmaston Grey District mayoral hopeful from the regions last election responded.

"As much as I and the NZ Money Free Party welcome discussions about a Universal Basic Income, we have some serious reservations about it.

It's encouraging that the mainstream are recognising that technology advances are making the conventional 'life via job' model obsolete. That is at least a good start.

Washing machines, wheelbarrows, windows and wireless technologies are all great inventions that have reduced drudgery, suffering and hard physical labour. At least in the first world. That process will continue, exponentially in fact as the previous technological advances enable the next. Machines, automation, computers etc.

The difficulty arises when we insist on retaining an outdated, competition based, exploitative economic model. ie the monetary system.

We cannot continue to insist on individuals having the only access to a decent life via the portal called 'job', and the 'false value tokens' rewarded for their wage slavery.

Thus the UBI 'solution' is to give more money tokens to those who can no longer find jobs.

Of the many fundamental flaws in the UBI proposal, these are the standouts :

1. UBI encourages consumption. On this finite planet we have to reduce consumption.

2. UBI will be absorbed by inflation. Every landlord, drug dealer and retailer will inevitably put their prices up. The capitalists and their psychologist marketers have always found ways to empty the pockets of the public.

3. UBI is simply extending the misery and exploitation of capitalism. It fundamentally changes nothing. Climate Change, resource depletion, inequality, stress, and technological unemployment are still not effectively addressed. And time is running out.

4. UBI will cost, a lot of, money. Of which the government has none.

5. Inequality will likely be worse. An increasingly divided, two tier society. Those 'on the benefit', and those with jobs.

The only real solution to our huge and growing list of serious problems is to abandon money, currency, trade and barter altogether.

Let's get to the root cause of these problems. We have a responsibility.

UBI is just another Band-Aid."