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Tropic Warrior ends on the West Coast

Combat Corps Training soldiers from Depot Company, 2nd/1st Battalion, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment (RNZIR) based at Burnham Military Camp have just completed Exercise Tropic Warrior on the West Coast.

PHOTOS: New Zealand Defence Force

The exercise started on September 29 and run through to October 14. The group comprising of 110 soldiers were based in the Lake Hochstetter area, near Nelson Creek.

There was both blank firing and live firing, live firing has occured in the last three days of the exercise. Heavy vehicles moving along the forestry tracks and troops moving through the tree line were a big part of the exercise.

It is the culmination of seven months of training (both recruit course and corps training) for these soldiers and they will march out soon as fully qualified combat soldiers.

The exercise scenarios focuses on combatting a militia force in the South West Pacific, similar to the operations that New Zealand soldiers carried out in Timor Leste in the early 2000’s.

Recruit Regular Force (run in Waiouru) is a 16 week course which is commonly known as ‘basic training’, this course gives new soldiers the basic skills needed to become a successful soldier. Covering everything from the fundamentals of weapons training, first aid, navigation and lessons on military law. After this course soldiers head to their respective Corps to start the next phase of training.

Combat Corps Training (run in Burnham) is a 14 week course that aims to prepare Infantry soldiers to operate as an effective member of a rifle section. They complete a number of different exercises including - urban, open country and close country training.



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