• Patrick McBride

The Role of a Rookie

Coast Sport Weekly was a big part of life during the 90's. Here we take a look back at an article from Steve Crestani's mag.

Brendon Hibbs is the latest addition to the Production Saloon section of the West Coast Speedway Association. Brendon started by purchasing a pre-raced car on which he has poured numerous amounts of man hours into preparing the car for entry into the saloon field. Along with this, Brendon says "Quite a few dollars, how much I wouldn't like to say". After entering six derby's over the last three year, this is where he says he became hooked with the adrenalin rush from being behind the wheel.

Another key reason is the chance to have fun and meet people in that team environment. It's that environment that Brendon has missed. He was an excellent rugby league prospect, making the train-on squad at the U17 Tournament in 1987. Out starring fellow West Coasters Whetu Taewa and Quentin Pongia who are now full internationals. Brendon had a motorbike accident which ended his promising league career before his true potential had been shown.

Brendon races a Mark I yellow Escort 2 litre at number 25, with his right hand man Darrin Watson in the pitts. Brendon's quick to thank his main sponsors Runanga Motors and Coal Depot, Moody Creek Coal. Also on the list of thanks is his Dad, Melissa, Mark Buckman, Dave Terris and Chris Henderson.

After a couple of practices Brendon is optimistic on how well he will go. "A few wins would be a bonus to compliment the man hours"