• Patrick McBride

'The Girl On The Bridge' Screening Locally

The Regent Greymouth will be showing 'The Girl on the Bridge' which will coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day and Mental health Awareness week this month.

Support cards will be available from the theatre

The Girl On The Bridge is the story of a young woman with the weight of a generation on her shoulders. Having survived her own suicidal struggles Jazz Thornton is a mental health activist, fighting to change how society and the system are dealing with young people like her.

Ultimately this is a film about hope. It's a film about redemption. It's a challenge to all of us to try to understand.

Those associated with the title have said it is a social impact film that aims to increase understanding about what it is to be suicidal and what people can do to help others. They want to promote a culture where suicide can and should be okay to talk about and empower us all to make change - You are part of the solution.

The film will play tonight at 5.30pm, Saturday September 12 at 6.15pm and Monday September 14 at 5.30pm.