• Patrick McBride

Schools Back, But No Bus....

Greymouth High School Students travelling from Hokitika have started the new term with no bus.

Around 10-15 students from Hokitika who attend Greymouth High School last week were informed their normal mode of transport was stopping.

Tai Poutini Polytechnic had been providing the bus service but in a statement from Greymouth High School to the families of the Hokitika students they said the polytechnic bus was being downsized to a mini-van for their own students in term three.

"We are not in a position to offer alternative transport at this stage, although we are looking at options. We are happy to help facilitate contact between parents who may want to organise car pooling but we don't have the resource to be responsible for managing that on an ongoing basis," Greymouth High said in the statement.

Parents have been paying for the service and realise the school is not obligated to provide transport.

"We understand that, problem being that we have 10-15 kids that were on that bus, too many to carpool. Other areas don’t have the same concerns as they have public transport. Ministry of Education are not interested as they provide a local school. Each parent has a justified reason for sending their child to Grey High instead of Westland High," a parent told McBride Vision.

Parents are hopeful a solution can be worked out soon.