• Patrick McBride

Responsible freedom camping in the Grey District

At their meeting tonight, the Grey District Council will be considering possible changes to improve Responsible Freedom Camping in the Grey District.

Proposed changes to the current Freedom Camping Bylaw include:

- Only allowing Certified Self-Contained Vehicles to freedom camp on land owned by the Grey District Council;

- Restrictions on the numbers of campers in some areas; and

- Areas where freedom camping will be prohibited.

Over the past couple of months, Council has engaged with people, organisations and businesses to see what can be done within current central government legislation, to ensure they have the best possible Responsible Freedom Camping Bylaw in the Grey District.

For more information, see the Council Agenda here:


If Council approves the proposed changes, the draft Responsible Freedom Camping Bylaw will go out for public consultation, giving people who are interested an opportunity to have their say and make a submission. This will be advertised on our website, the newspaper and on Council’s Facebook page.