• Patrick McBride

Rescued Hawk Released

An injured Harrier Hawk that made it's way to Greymouth was yesterday released back into the wild.

The hawk was delivered to Oxford Bird Rescue from DOC Greymouth after it was rescued down South. It had been hit by a truck and has now been successfully released back into the wild.

Due to not knowing exactly where it came from DOC gave permission to release from the property and save a 7 hour journey South.

Rescuers dropped the hawk off to DOC Greymouth on their journey North up the Coastline. It was transferred to the wildlife hospital in Christchurch after an assessment revealed a broken wing which the team at the hospital successfully repaired.

"We brought him back to the shelter to complete the rehab building up strength and stamina which proved pretty easy as he was flying from the moment he hit the flight aviary. A very well travelled swamp harrier and great to get a positive outcome after all those miles," Oxford Bird Rescue said.

The swamp harrier, also known as the kāhu, harrier hawk or Australasian harrier, is a bird of the open country. It is often seen soaring and looking for prey, or eating dead rabbits or possums on the road.