• Patrick McBride

Renovations and new additions

Babies and building work in new look Rec Hotel.

Historical images of the Hotel hang proudly on display.

PHOTO: Patrick McBride

The Recreation Hotel complex which includes accommodation, bottle store and famous Buccleugh's On High restaurant has undergone renovations during the Covid lockdown.

Owners Brandon and Annalisa Parkinson were quick to react to news that bars would be closed at level 4 and headed straight out collecting supplies needed to complete the work.

New tables and seating have been added to the establishment and a modern upgrade of the walls in the TAB and bar area have created the ideal ambiance.

"The timing was right, if we had to close we might as well rip into things that needed doing," Brandon Parkinson said.

The bottle store has also had an overhaul with new shelving creating more space and allowing extra product.

The couple welcomed their first child prior to lockdown which was also seen as great timing, giving the family valuable time with each other.

"It's been nice, Hixon has been great and goes with the flow", proud mother Annalisa told McBride Vision.