• Patrick McBride

Regent Theatre - Projectors Warming Up!

NBS Regent Theatre Greymouth is excited about the prospects of re-opening the doors.

Management - Patrick McBride, Kim Springer and Jacinda McBride flanked by entertainers.


Movie buffs around the district look set to get a fix on the towns biggest screens very soon. Theatre management have been in constant contact with industry distributors as the effects of Covid-19 spread across the world.

"We have very good relationships with the companies that hold film titles and I can assure you we will have content to play as we move into level 2" said manager Jacinda McBride.

The theatre has been offered a large collection of backlogged titles along with plenty of yet to be seen movies from key players.

"Major blockbuster films are influenced by Asia, USA and UK markets and would expect world wide releases across the globe on the same day, so it wont be James Bond, just yet." McBride said.

Along with movies the theatre plays a key role with local dance studios. Lessons are held daily in the main theatre and these classes would begin as soon as the level was dropped.

Restrictions and social distancing procedures will be put in place with guidance from the government.



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