• Patrick McBride

Public Toilet Closed

The public toilets located between the Westland Recreation Centre and the Grey United Tennis Club on Shakespeare Street in Greymouth has closed.

The Grey District Council announced the closure this morning. The public toilets will be decommissioned and demolished over the next few weeks.

The nearest accessible public toilets can be found along Tainui Street next to Dixon Park.

A review of community facilities in the 2019/20 Annual Plan found the Shakespeare Street toilet facility is old and in poor condition; given there are other facilities available for users (tennis club and Westland Recreation Centre), council planned to demolish this facility rather than spend money on upgrading or rebuilding.

At the time council said they allowed for additional cleaning of the Iveagh Bay toilet and shelter block as well as starting to fund ongoing maintenance of new facilities at Blaketown, Rapahoe and Blackball, built with monies received from the Government’s Tourism Infrastructure Fund.