• Patrick McBride

Pools Remain Closed For School Holidays

Both Hokitika and Greymouth swimming pools closed

The main pool area of the Greymouth complex

PHOTO: Patrick McBride

Children wanting to make a splash these school holidays will be out of luck as two of the main centres swimming facilities remain in maintenance mode.

Roof repairs are expected to be complete by the end of this week on the Greymouth complex and scaffolding removed. The next step is to begin the planned repairs to the pool lining and flooring, once this has been completed, refilling and reheating the pools will take place.

Work is currently on track and the pools are expected to reopen in early August.

Hokitika Swimming Pool users will have to wait a little while longer to start using their pool again following the annual shut-down for maintenance and the Covid-19 lockdown.

Destination Westland Chief Executive, Melanie Anderson advises,

“The team were all set to reopen for the start of the School Holidays on Monday, but some unexpected maintenance issues with the boiler means we won’t be able to open on that day. The pool team are really disappointed, but we are trying to get everything fixed as soon as possible and anticipate that the pool should reopen by mid-July.”

Users can look forward to a freshly painted swimming pool, a spring clean of the change rooms, a nice hot spa, along with regular classes with Angie and the team.

The Spring Creek Pool in Runanga will be open. The main pool is 25m long with a maximum depth of 1.5m and there is also an extra sloped learners' pool.

The main pool at Runanga


There will be plenty of other entertainment on hand with the Winter Fun Fest full of events. The movie theatres in Hokitika and Greymouth are all go. Regent Greymouth has a wide range of films targeting the kids with many movies priced at just $5 per seat.