• Patrick McBride

Pool maintenance brought forward

Grey District Council are taking full advantage of the lock-down period to carry out annual maintenance, as well as some other planned remedial works.

Westland Recreation Centre.

PHOTO: Ellie McBride

With the facility currently closed it has allowed workers to make headway. Under level-three restrictions, construction activities are all go and crews have been in full swing with two big projects.  Additional roof bracing and poolside flooring which is now past its useful life and due for replacement.

"The floor is as old as the building (10 years). We have patched it to give us a bit more life but now is the time to replace it." Said mayor Tania Gibson. 

GDC stated the flooring had lifted in parts and regular users would have noticed the increasing number of mats on the floor to cover damaged areas.

Council said it made sense to do these projects now, as there was uncertainty about when pools would be allowed to reopen so they opted to proceed under Level 3, rather than potentially reopening then having to close again.

The pool will reopen to the public when the work is complete and in accordance with relevant alert level guidelines. 

2017 roof beam replacement work.