• Patrick McBride

PJ Masks impress

Friday fun day at Kidsfirst Kindergarten.

Gekko, Catboy and Owlette

Kidsfirst Kindergarten, Shakespeare Street Greymouth had three surprise visitors yesterday morning ready for a day of learning.

Thomas Nolan and his friends 'The Willow's' McBride and McPaike arranged an impromptu dress up. The three children realised after discussion during the week they all owned PJ Masks costumes and took it upon themselves to arrange a fun Friday.

"We were so impressed with them organising their own dress up that it’s inspired the other children to do their own mask making all morning", educator Lauren Wells said.

PJ Masks is a superhero TV series for preschoolers made up of a team that fights crime at night to keep it from ruining people's days.

Their catchphrase when planning to go fight their enemies is "PJ Masks, we're on our way. Into the night, to save the day!"