• Patrick McBride

Neighbors Concerned About Hunting

Grand Jeans Creek proving a popular hunting ground for shooting Wild Boar

Once home of a thriving sports ground, hosting soccer, rugby and even an old shooting range, Perotti Park has now become a hunters paradise for Wild Boar.

In the past week on more than one occasion, shot Wild Boar have been left beside the Grand Jeans Creek Walk.

Described as an easy walk passing through an area of attractive native bush, ending at a rest area overlooking the picturesque creek, those taking a casual walk are greeted with the odd beast along the way.

Perotti Park and the walking track are privately owned, although Grey District Council maintains the track.

A condition of DOC hunting permits is that all rubbish should be removed, and that offal and carcasses must not be left in or near visitor facilities (including tracks and huts) or waterways.

Burying animal waste is generally accepted as the best method of disposal.