• Patrick McBride

Mother's Day treat

Mothers Day is definitely a lot different this year, but instead of heading out for dinner at Paroa Hotel, they are bringing the fun to your home!

Alan Monk with pan in hand.

Siblings Alan and Olivia Monk have gone outside the square this year. They will be taking orders for a food bag delivery service to residents of the district.

You can choose your food bag from the online ordering system at the Hotel's webpage or social media site.  A Live Cook Up, where Olivia attempts to talk her brother through cooking dinner for their Mum will be cast over the internet via their facebook page, Paroa Hotel and at www.mcbridevision.net. 

"I've put mum through enough without this as well" Alan Monk told McBride Vision. 

WHAT WILL YOU GET? A two course meal consisting of a mild Sri Lankan Curry with rice (its not hot, so very family friendly) with either chicken or vegetables, and a Chocolate Mousse. You can choose to add some beverages to really spoil that lucky lady.

"Given that Al's cooking abilities don't extend too far from boiling water, this should be some entertainment! Of course if you're too excited to wait for the 'dinner and a show' you can cook it in your own time with the recipe that will be provided." Said Olivia Monk. "We've made it super easy, I mean if Al fails, Mum's dinner is ruined! So it's pretty achievable for Kids or Dads to make."

The meal is gluten free, and there is a vegetarian option. A couple of staple items will be needed from home, olive oil, salt and pepper, and optional natural yoghurt.

Orders close at 5pm Friday 8th. Bags can be picked up from Paroa Hotel from midday Saturday, or delivered. The delivery would extend from Kumara Junction to Dunollie and inland to Taylorville, Dobson and Rutherglen Road. Orders can be taken on this link - https://paroahotel.mobi2go.com/