• Patrick McBride

Mayor Gibson happy with $1m


Grey District mayor Tania Gibson was this afternoon full of praise towards council staff after a $1m PGF application for two new water reservoirs in the area was accepted.

"I have to congratulate staff on this, we are still waiting on word of other 'shovel ready' projects but to get this one across the line is great," she told McBride Vision

The Greymouth water reservoir at Omoto, was constructed in 1904, is now well over 100 years old and past its original intended useful life. As well as requiring renewal, it is currently located on land which has been identified as a high seismic hazard. In the event of a major earthquake, it would be very likely that the reservoir would be damaged and Greymouth

would lose their water supply.

Council had eyes on a long term goal of replacing the one reservoir with three smaller reservoirs in different locations around the District.

At this stage Council had only committed to the replacement of one smaller reservoir in Cobden due to available funding and other priorities. That is set to change with the latest news of funding for new supplies to be constructed at Arnott Heights and Tasman Views.

$100,000 has been given from the PGF for the design works with the remaining $900,000 released in July in time for works to begin.

"The district will see great benefit from these projects, creating much needed jobs for our area, with spin offs to local businesses - I'm very happy," mayor Tania Gibson said.