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Mayor continues to lobby over Coast mining

Grey District mayor Tania Gibson is pleading for the government to sit down and hear what the region has to say.

Coal being loaded for export at the Buller Port

PHOTO: Patrick McBride

Mayor Tania Gibson spoke to TVNZ's Breakfast show early this morning pointing out the potential mining jobs for those on the West Coast, but with the current Covid-19 situation it means those roles can't be filled.

When contacted by McBride Vision this afternoon the mayor felt the area could help the region and the country get back on track economically with mines operating. The district is not asking for hand-outs or subsidies but just want's to be heard she said.

Grey Valley Gold mine

PHOTO: Patrick McBride

"We were told to move into the tourism sector but that has been devastated by the current situation. We have over 120 jobs that can be deployed in coal and gold mining. We need the government to review some decisions that they have made and work with us on this." Gibson told McBride Vision.

The Grey District's mayor says New Zealanders who worked in the tourism industry on the West Coast pretty much seen their businesses slump overnight due to the Covid-19 fall out and finding them new jobs will be difficult.

"Our mining companies are leaders in sustainable mining and regeneration. Stop importing dirty products from other countries and let us help in the countries recovery". Gibson said.

The region has many family members working in mines on Australian soil that would also embrace the chance to come home and work in the area.



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