• Patrick McBride

Livestock and dog owner responsibilities

Roaming Livestock and Dogs.

Roaming Livestock

Grey District Council are reminding all livestock owners to physically check their boundary fences to ensure they are of adequate standard for keeping their stock inside their property.

"Any fences that are not adequate should be repaired as soon as possible. Livestock that roams onto neighbouring properties or public roads poses a serious risk to motorists and or danger to your stock by predatory attacks," a spokesperson said.

Roaming livestock can also result in fees being incurred to the stock owner if they are impounded by Animal Control.

Roaming Dogs

Council are also reminding dog owners of their legal responsibilities of keeping their dogs under control.

This is especially important for dog owners living in rural areas near farming blocks.

Dogs that roam from their property and worry livestock can be at risk of being seized or destroyed by the stock owner.

It is important to note that a livestock owner can only seize or destroy if the dog is caught immediately in the act of attacking livestock.

"As a responsible dog owner, please ensure your property is fully fenced or that your dog is kept under proper control at all times. Failure to control your dog can result in impoundment fees."