• Patrick McBride

Lace up those runners

Greymouth Harriers on the starting blocks

Greymouth member Tony Gibson looking good with the finish line just around the corner in a previous Omoto event, hosted by the Harriers Club.

PHOTO: Patrick McBride

The Greymouth Harrier Club held their AGM last night with part of the discussion centred around the current season. It was decided in light of Covid there would be no annual fees this year and members can lace up the runners this Saturday with a light jog.

" We will kick off with a bit of a fun run to start, nothing to strenuous and then aim for something bigger next weekend," spokesperson Murray Hay said.

The club has missed 9 weeks due to the Covid situation but still has plenty of hit outs remaining.

"The good old Omoto Steeple and West Coast Cross Country at the Race Track are on the calendar along with the Kumara to Blaketown relay which is a must," Hay added.

The remainder of the season will be more local focused with runs held closer to home.

Anyone interested in joining can meet at their headquarters within the Squash Club pavilion on Alexander Street this Saturday at 2pm.