• Patrick McBride

Komen's Skydiving Shave

Jacob Komen is set to have a hair cut with a difference and help raise funds for CanTeen in the process.

Jacob Komen

Many West Coast families are touched in someway by cancer. With it comes a mix of emotions and questions of what, can one do.

Greymouth lad Jacob Komen has witnessed and been part of the process. He has seen both family members and friends journey through the tough times.

"I've decided to do this fundraiser for CanTeen as they help so many people out during their cancer journey, especially young people."

CanTeen has helped Jacob's brother Josh in the past, and now he feels it's time to get involved and give something back.

"I didn't really get involved with CanTeen and now that I look back I think maybe I should have, and connected with other people going through the same thing as our family," he told McBride Vision.

With his mate Mike now part of CanTeen he feels it's a good opportunity to get in and do something with a fundraiser.

"My dreads have got really long and I do have an attachment to them so I thought I could have some fun with that and shave my head in free fall. I'm lucky to have an awesome crew up here at Sky Dive Auckland to get behind it." Komen said.

Every day 10 young people in Aotearoa are impacted by a cancer diagnosis. CanTeen is there for 13-24-year-olds dealing with cancer to help support the young people whose lives are turned upside down.

Those wanting to support Jacob and see the dreadlocks come off during a free fall sky dive can make a donation on the givealittle page (HERE)