• Patrick McBride

It's Back....

Love it or hate it, Greymouth's tree is back in time for the festive season which kicks off this Friday with three days of attractions for the kids.

Croft Transport lower the tree into place this afternoon.

The Hits Christmas Carnival starts tomorrow with loads of fun to be had. Mayor Tania Gibson is watching the weather forecasts closely.

"The West Coast weather is playing havoc again but we are being optimistic and watching the situation closely. We have moved the Hits Christmas Concert from Saturday to Sunday as the weather for Sunday is looking better," Gibson said.


3.00pm Kids attractions on the Revington’s site.


9.00am Kids attractions on the Revington’s site.

11.00am The Hits Super Hero Christmas Parade


9.00 Kids attractions on the Revingtons site

9.00 Markets down Mackay Street

10.00 Kids Zumba

10.30 Kids Zumba

11.00 Youth Band Temporarily Iced Cats

12.00 ShakeyGround

12.45 Pink Pulse

1.00 Montana

1.15 Not Just Jazz