• Patrick McBride

Greymouth 'Top Town'

Looking back at Top Town - A popular television programme in the 1970s.

Winners are grinners.

Top Town first screened on New Zealand television in 1976. The original Top Town competition took place at a different town each week with all competitions taking place on a local sports field. Competition was friendly, but staunchly competitive. But more than anything, it was about the pride of small town New Zealand.

The 1977 series was won by Greymouth, as shown in this video clip.


Sportsman Tony Coll, who passed away this month captained the team and said at the time support from Greymouth people was inspiring:

‘I remember coming back on the bus and we stopped at the Cobden bridge. The streets into Greymouth were lined with people like we’d won the Ranfurly Shield or something.’

Top Town was revived in 2009. That year Greymouth entered a team but failed to make an impression.