• Patrick McBride

Greymouth buzzing

Shops were open and the public flocked to the CBD under alert level 2.

Greymouth CBD

A sense of normal was cast over the township today, car parks were full and people were browsing shop windows with coffee in hand.

The past seven weeks have seen major changes to how businesses worked around the restrictions. Some managing to turn their hand at online sales others waiting for the green light today and many just thanking the public for the support.

"We are beyond excited to see all our customers and can't wait to get a sense of normality back", said Emma Cornish from Into Jeans.

It was also a day that would see children reunited with grandparents as seen at Alf Harrision's clothing store.

"Great to be back open and especially with my granddaughters to help supervise". Proud owner John Gilshnan said.

Cafe owners were tempting taste buds with new dishes others with music. DP1 Cafe offered a keto breakfast muffin this morning which included a sausage patty, spinach and tomato relish for $8.00 and Seven Penny had impromptu music playing to the delight of patrons.

The Speights Ale House staff are looking forward to opening their doors at 5pm with sweet treats for dessert.

Salted caramel popcorn deconstructed waffle cones and crunchie, chocolate flake waffles are on the menu.

PHOTO: Speights Ale House Greymouth.