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FitFx On The Move

Four years ago Martin Greaney decided he wanted to stand on his own two feet and bring a fitness scene to Greymouth with a difference.

Martin Greaney

PHOTO: Patrick McBride

His goal wasn't about people being the strongest or fastest, his aim was simple, bring people together and enjoy a fitness community.

With that focus in mind, FitFx is once again in the process of expanding due to popularity.

A move to a one stop fitness centre at 28 Leonard Street in Greymouth, next door to ACC will bring his gym, fitness classes and personal trainers all under the one roof.

Greaney credits the success of his gym to his loyal followers.

"We have built each other up, we share our experiences and learn that it's not the equipment and a facility that makes a gym, but its people. They have become the best of friends by hard work and togetherness. I have never wanted a gym feel, more of a fitness community," he said.

Having previously operated out of two locations the move to incorporate all operations in the one building will enable Greaney to spend more time with his family.

"The Covid situation gave me time to refocus on everything and spend time with my family, I'm looking forward to adding a little more balance into my life."

The business will also be able to offer new personal trainer and fitness class combo deals at the new location.



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