• Patrick McBride

Dramatic video of terrifying moments at Moana.

A motorised paraglider spun out of control plummeting into the lake below Sunday afternoon.

Paraglider above Lake.

PHOTO: Supplied

Moana volunteer firefighters were called to the lake in the Grey District prior to 4pm Sunday along with St John. Coastguard were also at the scene and the rescue helicopter was dispatched.

Witnesses looked on in shock as the paraglider appeared to be doing outrageous stunts in the air 100 metres off shore, when all of a sudden things turned bad. The strings had caught up in the machinery, sending the pilot into a violent spin.

Three boats were quick to react managing to set him free from the tangled mess ultimately saving his life.

Witnesses were left shaken as screams for help could be heard each time he surfaced.

After an assessment back on shore the person did not require treatment.

Footage of the drama.

Video: Supplied