• Patrick McBride

Curiosity Cube

Henry Priebe and Ittai Perchig are two Year 13 students from Greymouth High School with a passion for learning.

They have worked together on projects ranging from presenting in the NZ Aerospace Challenge to holding drone building clubs for younger students. Recently they decided to compete in the Young Enterprise Scheme business competition with their product: the Curiosity Cube.

The team has received a seed fund of $275 to boost their business, and are currently working on the first prototype and talking with their potential market to create the best product possible. Their product has been pitched to business and tech professionals from around the Coast and have received great feedback which is already being implemented into their product.

The Curiosity Cube is a box filled to the brim with fun and interactive lessons. The plan is for the Cube to cover primary school curriculum with innovative and immersive experiments. The Cube itself will contain everything needed for these activities and the instructions will be intuitive with fun bits of information included. The design of the cube is made to bring the learning to fun ratio to its max, making the cube an ideal tool for teachers.

The goal is for the Curiosity Cube to provide the information and the children to provide the innovation.

You can find more information about the product at https://curiositycubedyes.wixsite.com/curiositycubed, or by email curiositycubed.yes@gmail.com and phone 02041866511