• Patrick McBride

Council to consider Trial Weekend closures of the Tainui Shared Street (Town Square)

The community has asked The Grey District Council to work towards improving the vibrancy and atmosphere within the Greymouth CBD.

To enable this, as well as improve the experience for visitors over the Summer months, Council will consider a trial closure of the Tainui Shared Street and Town Square area at its December meeting. They envisage the trial closure will be on weekends, from late Friday afternoon until Sunday night, and public holidays and will run throughout Summer, until the end of daylight savings.

Council are working closely with businesses in the area to design and implement the trial closure as effectively as possible. If the trial closure goes ahead, the area will be closed off using planters and signage to allow for pedestrians only. Council will measure the success of the trial by conducting online surveys for the community and businesses to complete.

Council will be making a decision on the trial at their meeting on the 14th December, and if approved it is proposed the trial will start on Friday the 18th December.

File video showing opening of Town Square.