• Patrick McBride

School is back - Level dropped.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Covid-19 Level downgraded meaning a return to school for some.

Going hard and early against COVID-19 has put the country in a good position to move out of Alert Level 4 and to begin economic recovery in New Zealand.

At Alert Level 3, which began at 11.59pm on the 27th of April, businesses that can trade without physical contact and that can meet COVID-19 public health requirements will be allowed to re-open.

This will allow people and parents to return to work, education facilities will reopen for Years 1 to 10. The approach will look different at every school, but there will be new measures in place to keep children in controlled bubbles and ensure reduced contact with shared facilities.

The Government are still encouraging those with a caregiver at home to keep children away from school and engage in distance education if possible. Children in Years 11 to 13 (where they are old enough to legally stay at home themselves) will not be returning to school.