• Patrick McBride

Community Park Looking for Support

Arnott Heights Community have started a fundraising effort in the hope of new park equipment for children and the wider community.

The Arnott Heights community has come together to raise funds towards an upgrade of the park and are looking for donations towards new park equipment for the growing community.

The park is 1348 square metres in area and was originally developed in the 1970s. While the ground is maintained by Grey District Council, the park itself has had little development since its establishment over 30 years ago.

The existing playground set is currently basic and aging. The park is used by over 35 resident children and many others in the area including two near by schools.

With child safety the groups first priority, the construction of the perimeter fence was the initial project undertaken and was completed in early 2021.

The renewal of the Arnott Heights Community Park will help connect Arnott Heights residents.

"At this stage we have been discussing to build a pirate ship for the children with climbing walls, monkey bars and a fireman pole. Depending on donations we have talked about a pendulum swing or flying fox, sheltered barbecue area and gardens at the park." a spokesperson said.

Donations can be made on the Givealittle web page by clicking this (LINK)