• Patrick McBride

Community Halls benefit from PGF funding around the Grey District

The funding provided to the Grey District Council in September this year from the Renovation of Town Halls and War Memorials Grant, part of the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF), is already benefitting our local Communities by revitalising community spaces.

The Dobson Community Hall was one of 16 projects included in the application that was made to the PGF for upgrades and improvements to their grounds.

In Dobson the funding is being used to revitalise the Community Hall grounds, which includes a new playground area.

The successful contractor for the Dobson project is Westroads Limited and the work involves digging out the grounds where the old playground was, re-laying new timber edges for the new playground area which has been extended by two meters and, finally, laying new bark to complete the finished look.

A new concrete pad will be put down, which will be used for a BBQ area for the community to enjoy. The Dobson Hall Committee are currently working on supplying a BBQ for the area.

The other 15 projects which were granted funding are progressing well, with contracts being awarded for the works; work on these projects will be commencing in the new year.