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Coastal change at Cobden

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

It was recommended last night at a Council meeting that a recent NIWA report on Coastal change to the Cobden Beach area be referred to the joint Greymouth Flood Scheme Committee for consideration.

High seas on the Grey River

PHOTO: Patrick McBride

In doing so, Cr Mora said the comprehensive report needed action.

"What's our response, what's the regions response, this is going to be a very expensive exercise, we have to act now and do it quickly," Mora said.

The report addresses recent coastal erosion experienced at Cobden Beach with a focus on the Jellyman Park area outlining long term issues.

The previous advice given to Council in 2017 recommending council to relocate Jellyman Park car park to enable ongoing shoreline retreat was not enacted.

Rather, the carpark with initial Council funding was upgraded and rock protection along the seawall face was strengthened.

"This has continued to cause interference to beach sediment transport processes and has worsened the downdrift erosion impacts to the North," the report stated.

In 2018 large waves during cyclone Fehi uncapped the dumpsite and eroded the fringe of the landfill resulting in a large amount of rubbish being scattered over the beach.

A large rock seawall was subsequently built to protect the dumpsite. The new dumpsite revetment appears robust and well designed, however it does not tie in well with the Jellyman carpark.

The advice in the report is to create a new vegetated berm buffer zone for the beach which includes removal or realignment of the car park and building a replacement coastal defence well back from the beach face, replenishing the beach in front of the new defences.

The buffer space would allow the beach to absorb cycles of storm erosion while the coastal defence remains as a backdrop.

The joint Greymouth Flood Scheme Committee meet once a year.



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