• Patrick McBride

Coast League waiting on the side line.

NZRL meeting Monday.

Tim Morton and Kerry Calder addressing rep players. PHOTO: Patrick McBride

West Coast Rugby League players, coaching staff and followers of the game have to wait till next week to see how the season may unfold.

The Government is taking a look at how sport and recreation will pan out across the country at level 2 in a meeting May 1. NZRL will then meet with all the district Chairs of the game on Monday to discuss the developments.

Brad Tacon from WCRL said both juniors and the rep side should be able to kick off under level 2. This may look a little different with some of the juniors playing ripper or kiwi style.

"We have got to try something to get the kids back out there." Tacon said.

West Coast Rugby League has continuously liaised with NZRL and Government agencies during the Covid-19 crisis.