• Patrick McBride

Clubs swinging.

Greymouth Golf Club has re-opened to members on alert level 3.

Senior golfer Mike Osborne. Picture:Patrick McBride

Moving to level 3 the government has allowed for limited use of golf courses which means that individual golf clubs will have the choice, from today to reopen under very strict conditions. 

The Greymouth club committee has decided that the course will be open to Greymouth club members only. This reducing the amount of extra precautions.

- There is still some strict rules that will apply.

- Golfers can only play with people in their own bubble.

- Play should only be singular or in pairs and keep 2 metre distance from other golfers.

There will be no club matches while at level 3.

- No scorecards to be used or handed in, it's all just practice.

- Everyone should tee off from number one tee with 6 to 10 minute gaps between play.

-The clubhouse is to be in total lockdown, very important, this includes the bar and toilet facilities.

There will be no flags, and holes will be cut in the middle of each green. The plastic insert in the hole will be upside down, making retrieval of balls easier. The club has asked not putt out short putts.

"The less contact with any on course equipment, the better. This includes the use of ball washers and rubbish bins. Please take all refuse with you when you leave." Said Brent Foster.

The Kaiata links are lucky to have the opportunity to re-open the course and New Zealand Golf has worked very hard on the behalf of members to get this concession.