• Patrick McBride

Calling Artists!

With over 11,000 telecommunications cabinets across the country, Chorus is looking for artists to show their skills and help beautify the streets by using their usually drab cabinets as a canvas for your painting.

You may paint for a living or as a hobby, whatever your reason, Chorus want to offer you the chance to use their cabinets as a canvas to showcase your work to the local community. You'll be paid for the materials used and a contribution for your time.

The cabinet art initiative began in 2010 with a test pilot in Auckland to try to reduce the amount of vandalism the area to telecommunications cabinets. It proved so successful they have extended it throughout the country and now complete on average 100 murals a year.

"The programme is proving invaluable as a way to help promote a sense of community belonging, identity and pride while also helping to discourage anti-social behaviour," a spokesperson said.

Whether you're a budding Picasso or a creator of Colin McCahon-like landscapes, Chorus art cabinets provide a great entry point to display your creative skills to the public. With each artwork staying in place for several years, the artworks typically get viewed by thousands of pedestrians, cyclists and road-users during their lifetime.

The cabinet art programme is no labour of love and you'll be paid anywhere from $400 to $1,500 for your painting depending on the size of the cabinet.

"Once you're onboard and providing your design and painting skills "cut the mustard" there are no limits as to how many cabinets you can choose to do too. A great way to earn some dollars and do what you love."

You can register you interest by clicking (HERE)