• Patrick McBride

Burnt Bridges!

- Simon out, Muller in.

New National Leaders.

PHOTO: Supplied

West Coaster and National list MP Maureen Pugh will no doubt have a smile on her face after today's news that Simon Bridges has been rolled. The pair were the centre of media attention in 2017 when a leaked phone conversation of Bridge's profanities used to describe Pugh went viral.

Talk of a leadership change around the National party had been running hot for some months. Bridges continued to publicly state that it was all rumours. But where there is smoke there is fire.

Todd Muller the new National leader has a background in primary industries and will hit the ground running.

"We will get the economy going again. We will do so by leveraging our country's great strength, our people, our communities, our great natural resources," he said.

Muller speaking with media this afternoon would not weigh in on dirty politics.

"I'm about what's best for your family, not what's wrong with the government. I'm not interested in opposition for opposition sake, we are all tired of that kind of politics."

Pugh told McBride Vision that National now has a new leadership team and a new focus, which is the economic recovery of our country.

Muller has the business experience and connections to ensure that the party use every opportunity to get New Zealand working again.

"I am very excited for the future in having one of my 2014 classmates leading the Party. I have known Todd since we were both elected and have always known him to be a leader-in-waiting," Pugh said.

Todd Muller will be supported by Nikki Kaye as Deputy Leader.

"Nikki is a good friend to the Coast and I know she will continue to listen when I take messages from the people of West Coast-Tasman to Wellington."