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Billie the Kid

- '30 percent chance of survival'

First cuddle at 21 days

A trip across from Australia to see family in Greymouth in 2016 was one for the history books for Brodie Soster and daughter Billie.

25 week pregnant Soster, was experiencing abdominal pains and after advice from family went to see the local doctors. From there things changed rapidly when the 'perfect pregnancy' took a turn for the worst.

Originally thinking maybe gallstones it was soon diagnosed, she had life threatening HELLP syndrome. Test results showed her unborn had stopped growing two weeks prior and Brodie's liver was shutting down.

A rushed trip to Christchurch, she would soon get to meet her special princess, weighing just 510 grams. It would be 21 days before first cuddles and a further 370 days till Billie was able to breath independently.

The pair would remain in Christchurch Hospital for more than 6 months before being able to transfer by flight to Brisbane hospital.

Billie and Brodie all set for departure from NZ

In true Soster fashion and being told at the time of birth her child would have 30 percent chance of survival, the newest addition to the family has been up for the challenges put to her.

McBride Vision checked in with mum to see how things are going - "She is doing great, has no long term effects to worry about so far, except for her eyesight. Behaviour issues are another thing and we definitely have some of those but not sure if it’s just because she's spoilt rotten."

Billie at the beach

Weighing a light 11kg and approaching her 4th birthday, Billie struggles to put on weight so the family still have to see pediatricians regularly. She also has low muscle tone so attends physio but as for education, there are no learning difficulties.

"She is keeping up with learning and they even asked to put her up a year, saying she’s very small but very switched on and can hold her own". A proud Brodie Soster said.



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