• Patrick McBride

Australasian Premiere Ready to Entertain

The Level 1 announcement yesterday was welcomed by the team at SuperBrain ProductioNZ who will bring entertainment to the Regent Theatre Greymouth this week.

The stage is set for the Australasian Premiere of Murder Ballad which kicks off at 7pm tomorrow night and runs each evening finishing on Saturday night. Locals will be treated to a professional show of international standard.

Superbrain had taken a gamble on the alert level dropping and it has paid dividends. The Regent Theatre has seen many show postponements over the past two months due to restrictions on admit numbers but the Murder Ballad performance held it's booking firm.

"This is the first show in the complex in a very long time due to Covid and I hope the community get behind it. Having no restrictions on the numbers attending is great and it's exciting to know the public can now attend events at the theatre", Regent manager Jacinda McBride said.

Tickets for the incredible experience can be purchased (HERE) and the event is priced as a 'pay what you can'.

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