• Patrick McBride

American's pack up

Greymouth cafe closure

Kevin Henandez and John Bent who helped set up the popular eatery 'Greymouth Kitchen' were today clearing out stock as the effects of Covid 19 takes its toll on small businesses in the district.

"It's just not viable for us moving forward, we absolutely loved the experience and enjoyed the people", Henandez said.

The two men from America fell in love with the West Coast lifestyle and set up shop within the Regent Theatre complex in Greymouth prior to the virus sweeping the world.

On visas they had to think quick and relocated to the Tasman region for fruit picking during the shutdown. From there they applied for jobs in the fishing industry and were accepted.

"We were unsure what to do really and with no income we had to act."

Out on the water for periods of two weeks, they take every opportunity to see the country when the boat makes port.

"We are mad on surfing and climbing so just jump in the van and hit the Coastline when we dock" Bent told McBride Vision.

The two are now looking forward to the winter ski season where they can enjoy more of the Country's great assets and will continue to call the Coast their NZ home.