• Patrick McBride

ACC seeking companies to invest in

ACC is looking to invest in companies as part of a new $50m Impact Investment Fund and will consider companies that are making a positive difference to the health, safety, and wellbeing of New Zealand.

Impact investing focuses on investing in companies that intend to create social or environmental change with a financial return.

The new investment portfolio aims to:

- improve health, safety, and wellbeing in New Zealand

- provide a commercial investment return.

Impact funds are new to New Zealand, but they're well established internationally, says ACC Board Investment Committee Chair James Miller.

"This portfolio is first of its kind in the New Zealand market, combining ACC's established expertise in injury prevention with its proven skill in investment management," says James.

"ACC's core role is preventing injuries, caring for people who have been injured and then helping them return to work or independence. At the same time, we have a $47 billion investment function that has successfully provided strong financial returns over more than 25 years, allowing Kiwis to pay substantially less in levies for accident cover.

"We believe there are investment opportunities within New Zealand that can deliver both objectives, which is why we've created a specific impact portfolio. The portfolio will contribute to improving New Zealand's health and safety and an improved balance of benefits, costs, and risks. All private market investments are expected to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns."

The portfolio will seek investments that will:

- improve health and wellbeing

- advance health and safety standards in New Zealand

- improve the rehabilitation experience of those on ACC

- assist in the reduction of ACC's outstanding claims liability (OCL).

ACC Impact Portfolio Advisor George Adams says: "We're on the hunt for companies that have an existing product or service that are keen to grow, with New Zealand as the primary market.

"Investments in Australia will be considered if there's a direct connection to what we do and/or transferability of technology to the New Zealand market."

The portfolio is now active, and ACC welcome interest from companies, organisations, and funds seeking investment to make a positive difference to the health, safety, and wellbeing of New Zealand.

Businesses that are interested can email: PrivateMarkets@acc.co.nz