• Patrick McBride

AA Moves Across the Road

The AA Greymouth branch has moved location.

Carl Colville from CC Signage fitting new counter wraps.

A fit out has taken place at the old box office of the Regent Theatre complex over the past two days. Theatre management have been working closely with AA head office who were looking for possible sites after being informed that their former location within the Smith City store was no longer available.

"It has been a simple shift, basically pick up and walk the gear across the road", theatre manager Jacinda McBride said today.

Finishing touches were added late this afternoon and the team at the theatre will be on hand and ready to go Monday morning for opening.

"The theatre has been doing it hard since Covid and by taking over the AA operation, we will be able to retain our staff. There is plenty for us to learn with the daily running of such a business, but we will get there".